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Glenn Smith. Credit: USFWS
Glenn Smith. Credit: USFWS

Glenn Smith, Assistant Regional Coordinator

Endangered Species Program

Glenn Smith, with his background in resource management and law, brings a unique perspective to the Northeast Region’s Endangered Species Program.

The assistant regional endangered species coordinator, Smith has worked for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for more than 20 years and has been at the Northeast regional office since 1997. He coordinates the Service’s regulatory branches under the Endangered Species Act and deals with federal agencies and private entities whose projects impact federally listed species. He also provides support to the region’s field offices in implementing listing and delisting actions.

“People I work with in field offices are such professionals and so dedicated,” Smith says. “That’s my big motivation--to help them simplify how they’re doing this on the ground.”

Over the past few years, Smith has dedicated much time to the delisting of the West Virginia northern flying squirrel, a species that has made an impressive comeback after its habitat was obliterated by 19th-century industrial logging. The species is a success story of ecology and management, he says.

He divides his work among consulting on section 7 and 10 regulatory issues, collaborating on national teams, and teaching National Conservation Training Center and University of Massachusetts classes.

The mission of the Service is what ties everyone together, he says. “It’s not about us. It’s not about me. There are no financial motivations. It means something to my kids, my grandkids. It means something to our quality of life.”

Smith spends the rest of his time with his two kids and his wife, with whom he’s traveled to Peru, hiked the Inca trail, relaxed on the beach, played soccer and enjoyed music.

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