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Determining Whether Large Construction or Expansion Activities May Disturb Nesting Bald Eagles: Step 4

Step 4. Is there a similar activity within 1 mile of the nest?
Determine whether similar activities are ongoing nearby. Select "yes" if other similar activities are occurring within 1 mile of the nest.  Select "no" if there are not similar activities within 1 mile of the nest.

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Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act

National Bald Eagle Management Guidelines

Permit regulations to authorize limited "take" of bald eagles or their nests (pdf)

Bald eagle natural history and sensitivity (pdf)

Management at a Glance

Two factors most influence an eagle's response to human activity:

  1. The activity's visibility from the eagle nest and;
  2. The regular occurrence of similar activities near the nest.

General recommendations to avoid disturbing nesting bald eagles:

  1. Keep distance between the activity and the nest (distance buffers).
  2. Maintain forested or natural areas between the activity and the nest tree (landscape buffers).
  3. Avoid certain activities during the nesting season (timing buffers).

Last updated: May 22, 2013