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Trevor Clark

Trevor Clark, Fish and Wildlife Biologist

Chesapeake Bay Field Office

Chicago Illinois native Trevor Clark has always been intrigued with animals, particularly wildlife. So it is no wonder that after receiving his Bachelor's degree in fisheries science from the University of Arkansas, Clark's path brought him to the Service.

Since 1992, as a biologist in the Endangered Species Program the majority of Clark's time has been spent conducting Section 7 consultations for projects that may affect federally listed endangered and threatened species on private and Federal lands, and assisting in the recovery of federally listed endangered and threatened species.

The recovery of endangered and threatened wildlife can take many years and biologists don't readily see the fruits of their labor. But after many Section 7 consultations for bald eagle projects, Clark was proud to be able to witness the recovery of the bald eagle. And he looks forward to and expects to see the delisting of other threatened and endangered species in the near future.

Despite his dedication to wildlife there is another side of Clark that even many of his colleagues may not know about. He loves reading about and watching anything that is related to the automotive industry and motorsports!

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Last updated: February 28, 2017