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November 2007
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November 20, 2007


Ten National Wildlife Refuges in North Dakota will open all or portions of their lands on Monday, November 26 for late upland bird hunting seasons.  Hunters may take Hungarian partridge, sharp-tailed grouse and pheasant in most of these late hunts, but some refuges hold a pheasant-only season and another offers a season for the other two species.  The late opening date follows the closure of the state’s deer gun season and the departure of most waterfowl.

Hunters are not allowed to use or possess lead shot while hunting on a Refuge, and must follow all state regulations including those on bag limits.  In many cases, upland bird hunters will use the same areas as muzzleloader and archery deer hunters.  The upland bird season closes January 6, 2008.

The Refuges and their locations, species included, outlook and phone numbers:

- Arrowwood NWR, Pingree, ND -  Pheasant, grouse and partridge.  Fair numbers of pheasants, a very good grouse population, but very few partridge.  Good cover.  Hunters must park at the Refuge boundary and walk in.  The headquarters area is closed.  Information is available at headquarters and in a kiosk at the start of the auto tour route, just east of the headquarters turnoff.  701-285-3341.

-  Audubon NWR, Coleharbor, ND -  Pheasant, grouse and partridge.  Excellent pheasant numbers, but grouse and partridge are spotty.  Park at one of the five parking areas along the Refuge boundary.  Three closed areas.  Consult information sheets and maps, available at headquarters and parking lot kiosks.  701-442-5474.

-  Des Lacs NWR, Kenmare, ND -  Pheasant, grouse and partridge.  Fair to good numbers of pheasants in some areas.  Good numbers of grouse and fair partridge population.  Maps showing the closed area are available at Refuge headquarters.  701-385-4046.

-  Lake Alice NWR, Penn, ND -  Pheasant only.  A few have been seen around the area, but the Refuge is almost totally under water and opportunities will be limited.  701-662-8611.

-  Lake Zahl NWR, Zahl, ND -  Pheasant, grouse and partridge.  Good numbers of pheasants.  Better than average grouse numbers.  Spotty for partridge.  Walk-in only.  Tear sheets and maps are available at a kiosk on the Refuge, at the Zahl elevator, the Crosby offices of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and online at  701-965-6488.

-  Long Lake NWR, Moffit, ND - Pheasant, grouse and partridge.  Good numbers of pheasants, grouse population is average, but only a few scattered groups of partridge.  Good cover.  Portions of the Refuge near headquarters are closed.  Hunters should stop and get a map and leaflet.  701-387-4397.

- Lostwood NWR, Stanley, ND - Grouse and partridge.  Good numbers of grouse.  More partridge than last year, but probably not huntable numbers.  Hunters must park at the Refuge boundary.  Headquarters area is closed.  Maps and leaflets are available at Refuge headquarters.  701-848-2722.

-  J. Clark Salyer NWR, Upham, ND - Pheasant, grouse and partridge.  More pheasants than usual, grouse populations are up, but partridge numbers remain low.  Headquarters area is closed.  Maps and leaflets can be found at headquarters.  701-768-2548.

-  Tewaukon NWR, Cayuga, ND - Pheasant only.  Both the Tewaukon unit and the Sprague Lake unit are open.  Outlook is good, but not as good as last year.  Hunters must walk in.  The area near the office/visitor center is closed.  Maps and leaflets are available at headquarters and at kiosks in various locations around the two units.  701-724-3598.

- Upper Souris NWR, Foxholm, ND - Pheasant, grouse and partridge.  The area from Lake Darling Dam to Carter Dam reopens.  The portion of Refuge lands north of Carter Dam remains open.  Refuge lands south of Lake Darling Dam remain closed.  The outlook for pheasant and grouse is very good, and the partridge population has improved.  Hunters must walk in.  Maps and brochures are available outside headquarters, at the information pull-off just southwest of Lake Darling Dam, and at the Mouse River County Park. 701-468-5467.

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