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2/2/2017: Kids! Get in Touch with Nature Through the Saving Endangered Species Youth Art Contest
1/31/2017: Three men sentenced for multiple Lacey Act violations for illegally collecting, trading Oregon snakes
1/18/2017: Conservation Credit System Now Available as Tool for States to Reward Landowners for Voluntary Actions that Protect Imp...
1/13/2017: NRCS, USFWS Partner to Accelerate Conservation on Agricultural Lands for the Monarch Butterfly
1/12/2017: Public Invited to Open Houses on Proposed Alternatives for Grizzly Bear Restoration in North Cascades Ecosystem
1/9/2017: Would the Arctic still be the Arctic without the polar bear?
1/5/2017: Importance of Resilient Coastal Wetlands to Conservation, Recreation Economy and Coastal Communities Recognized by $17 ...
1/5/2017: Collaborative Conservation Efforts Lead to Recovery, Proposed Delisting of Endangered Southwest Bat
1/4/2017: Reduction of Threats to Tiny Mountain Plant Leads to Proposed Removal from Endangered Species Act Protection
1/3/2017: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Seeks Proposals from States for 2017 Endangered Species Grants
12/28/2016: Super Bird Fests 2017
12/23/2016: Federal Agencies Strengthen Opportunities for Public Engagement in Voluntary Conservation Efforts Under Endangered Spec...
12/23/2016: Final Policy Provides Standards to Offset Impacts of Development on America’s Most At-Risk Species
12/23/2016: Service Updates Coastal Barrier Resources System Maps for Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Louisiana
12/23/2016: Service Announces Congressionally Adopted Changes to Coastal Barrier Resource System Map for New Jersey
12/21/2016: Threatened Oregon Silverspot Butterfly on Flight Path to Reintroduction
12/15/2016: Three Decades of Conservation Efforts Lead to Recovery, Proposed Delisting of Texas, Oklahoma Songbird
12/15/2016: National Wildlife Refuges That Charge For Entrance Will Waive Their Fees on Dates in 2017
12/14/2016: Three Decades of Conservation Efforts Lead to Recovery, Proposed Delisting of Texas, Oklahoma Songbird
12/14/2016: Service Announces Final Rule to Further Conserve, Protect Eagles through Revised Permitting, Monitoring Requirements
12/8/2016: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Announces $900,000 in Wolf Livestock Demonstration Project Grants
11/29/2016: Service Sends Coastal Barrier Resource System Report to Congress with Updated Maps for 65 Units
11/28/2016: South American Macaw Proposed for Protection Under Endangered Species Act
11/18/2016: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Issues Final Policy on Mitigating Impacts of Development to Further Conservation of Nati...
11/17/2016: JetBlue, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Wildlife Trafficking Alliance Urge Customers to “Buy Informed”

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