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4/25/2017: Mexican Wolf/Livestock “Pay for Presence” Payment Application Deadline
4/19/2017: Every Day is Earth Day
4/11/2017: Public Invited to 3rd Annual Abrazos
4/8/2017: Journeying Toward Recovery
4/7/2017: Spring Ritual, Lasting Impressions
4/6/2017: Service Withdraws Proposal to List the Headwater Chub and Roundtail Chub under the Endangered Species Act
4/6/2017: Mexican Wolf Captured in Chiricahua Area of Arizona
4/6/2017: Service Withdraws Proposal to List the Headwater Chub and Roundtail Chub under the Endangered Species Act
3/30/2017: Sea Turtle Nesting Season Begins on the Texas Coast
3/24/2017: Texas Man Pleads Guilty to Poisoning Protected Migratory Birds and Unlawful Use of Pesticide
3/13/2017: Monthly Buoy Maintenance on Havasu National Wildlife Refuge
3/3/2017: Tuggle: Tribal Eagle Aviaries in the Southwest Reflect the Spirit of the Ages
3/2/2017: Southwest Region Biologists Earn Rachel Carson Award
3/1/2017: Fungus that Causes White-nose Syndrome in Bats Detected in Texas
2/28/2017: Temporary Closures at Havasu National Wildlife Refuge Lifted
2/24/2017: Teen Arrested in Connection with Shooting Death of Bald Eagle
2/23/2017: Montana Man Indicted for Smuggling Protected Wildlife Items, Including Bald and Golden Eagle Feathers, into the United ...
2/23/2017: Service and Binational Team Draft a Path to Recover the Jaguar
2/10/2017: Portions of Havasu National Wildlife Refuge Will Be Temporarily Closed During Aerial Feral Swine Eradication Efforts
2/10/2017: Livers of the Rivers:
2/9/2017: Federal Grand Jury Indicts Five In Connection With International Scheme To Fraudulently Import And Sell Filipino-Made J...
2/5/2017: Learn To Design a Home Pollinator Garden
2/1/2017: Routine Buoy Maintenance Planned at Havasu National Wildlife Refuge
1/26/2017: Havasu National Wildlife Refuge Announces New Refuge Manager and Renews Commitment to Community Collaboration

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