12/10/2018. Wild California condor chick fledges in Santa Barbara County for first time since 1982
10/31/2018. Draft Environmental Assessment and Associated Documents for City of Rancho Palos Verdes Habitat Conservation Plan Avail...
10/31/2018. Nevada Partners Sign New Agreement to Accelerate Sagebrush Conservation
10/12/2018. Mojave River Oasis Now Permanently Protected as a Haven for Native Fish and Wildlife
10/5/2018. Elkhorn Slough Designated 'Wetland of International Importance'
10/5/2018. Elusive Coastal Marten Proposed for Protection under Endangered Species Act
9/25/2018. California sea otter numbers take a slight dip from last year, but average count exceeds 3,090 for third consecutive ye...
9/19/2018. Second condor shooting under investigation in California
9/10/2018. Condor shooting under investigation in California
9/4/2018. Join the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for the 2018 Federal Duck Stamp Contest
7/25/2018. Rare Shorebird Chicks Successfully Fledge at Huntington State Beach for First Time in Decades
7/25/2018. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Seeks Public Input on draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Green Diamond Resourc...
7/19/2018. Endangered Mountain Yellow-legged Frog Draft Recovery Plan Available for Public Comment
6/13/2018. 2018 California Junior Duck Stamp Award Ceremony
5/31/2018. Conservation Partnership Leads to Recovery and Delisting of Hidden Lake Bluecurls