12/1/2021. Service Approves Lesser Prairie-Chicken Habitat Conservation Plan for Renewable Energy Development in the Great Plains
11/9/2021. Service Proposes Threatened Listing and Critical Habitat for Rare Central Texas Wildflower
11/2/2021. Draft Recovery Plan Available for Endangered West Texas Aquatic Invertebrates
10/27/2021. Service Seeks Public Comment on Proposed Changes to Mexican Wolf Management Rule
10/20/2021. Service Designates Critical Habitat for Narrow-Headed Gartersnake
9/29/2021. Spider in Bexar County Proposed for Removal from Endangered Species Act
9/27/2021. Service Proposes Endangered Species Act Protections for Central Texas Aquatic Moss
9/27/2021. Service Proposes ESA Protections and Critical Habitat for Peñasco Least Chipmunk, found only in New Mexico
9/3/2021. Service Proposes Endangered Species Act Protection for Freshwater Mussel
9/3/2021. Service Completes Review of Petition to Revise Jaguar Critical Habitat
8/30/2021. Bartram’s Stonecrop of Arizona Sky Islands Listed as Threatened under Endangered Species Act with a 4(d) Rule
8/24/2021. Service Seeks Public Comment on Proposed Listing of Six Mussels in Central Texas
8/17/2021. Critical Habitat Designated for Two Central Texas Salamanders
8/9/2021. Alligator Snapping Turtles Seized in Illegal Trafficking Case Are Returned to Natural Habitat
8/2/2021. Petition to Expand Mt. Graham Red Squirrel Critical Habitat to be Considered
7/29/2021. Service Extends Comment Period on Proposal to List Lesser Prairie-Chicken under Endangered Species Act
7/21/2021. Roadkill Rescue Gives Deceased Wild Ocelot a Chance to Be a Father in the Future
7/21/2021. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Seeks Public Comments on Diesel Spill Restoration Plan
7/21/2021. New Mexico Lands Removed from Jaguar Critical Habitat Designation
7/9/2021. Gila Trout Draft Recovery Plan Available for Review and Comment