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Open Spaces

A Talk on the Wild Side.

Partnering Up During the Inaugural Parade

By Matt Trott, USFWS

At the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, we talk a lot about partners and the need to work with diverse groups to carry out our goal of conserving the nature of America.

I was lucky enough Monday to take part in the Inaugural Parade, and without my own diverse group of partners, I would not have made it very far.

paradeClaren and Matt braved the cold to be a part of the parade. (Photo: Steve Ferrar/CCI)

My key partner is Claren, an 11-year-old service dog. She is responsible for so much improvement in my life. I can't imagine life without Claren and her willingness to pick up anything I drop and more. At work she carries my lunch. When I lived alone, she would bring me water bottles from the fridge. She grabs my shoes for me most mornings. And she is a near-constant companion.

But there were so many other partners who helped me.


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