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A Talk on the Wild Side.

Fisheries People Needn't Fish for Compliments; They're Great!

Meet Your Fish and Wildlife Service

Fisheries people are unique and awesome individuals.

man with microphone interviewing man in FWS uniform on a boatJim Smith is interviewed by NPR’s Richard Rodriguez at the base of the Red Bluff Diversion Dam. Photo by Steve Martarano/USFWS

Jim Smith, project leader for the Red Bluff Fish and Wildlife Office, left Humboldt State University more than 40 years ago with a Bachelor of Science in Fisheries but shows no indication of wanting to slow down.  

The people he has had the pleasure to work with over the years keep him going. And then there’s the fish.

“The fish will fool you,” he likes to say, and Jim Smith likes deciphering that fish puzzle.

woman writes on clipboard in front o stream, while someone roots through crateWhile bearded, hatted men are common, more women are joining the ranks. Photo by Katrina Liebich/USFWS

The deadline for the seasonal fisheries technician positions has passed, but read this if you want a good look at what fish biologists in Alaska do. Like Jim, it’s the people and the challenges.

In Alaska, you also have, as one biologist says, “The opportunity to work in spectacular, pristine, remote locations that very few people ever have the opportunity to visit.”

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