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'Nautilus Girl' Keeps up her Work to Conserve Species

In January, we told you about an 8-year-old who has been working to conserve the chambered nautilus for several years.

Gretchen Googe
Gretchen Googe with her donations for Save the Nautilus. Photos courtesy Courtney Googe  

Well, Gretchen Googe of Texas is at it again.

Mom Courtney Googe reports that for her ninth birthday earlier this month, Gretchen held a Nautilus Pot Luck and asked for donations to Save the Nautilus and Children's Aquarium at Fair Park in Dallas instead of presents. So far, the donations have topped $300. Gretchen also gave a presentation to her party guests describing how she got involved in nautilus conservation and why it’s important to save them.

The chambered nautilus occurs in the oceans of the Indo-Pacific, including off American Samoa, and it is popular in international trade. We are worried that international trade may be impacting the species and are funding research to find out.

Nautilus Pot Luck

Take a look at the tablecloths for the Nautilus Pot Luck. Gretchen decorated them, and for anyone interested in coloring their own, she included hand-drawn coloring pages of cephalopods. Also note the jar for donations.

Nautilus Pot Luck

And how about the cool cookie-cakes?

Happy belated birthday, Gretchen, from all of us at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The conservation of the chambered nautilus is in good hands with advocates like you!

Good for you Gretchen! You are an inspiration even to us "old folks!" I'm glad to know that members of our younger generation are committing to saving our wild cohabitants!
# Posted By Carla Porter | 7/23/15 10:58 AM

Love this! You are so awesome Gretchen!
# Posted By E Olson | 7/23/15 11:07 AM

Gretchen is a sweetheart with a passion for sea creatures but especially for the Nautilus! Her desire is for it to be added to the endangered species list so it will be protected and not disappear from under the sea. She's been concerned about them since she was 6 years old while other little girls are playing with dolls. She's amazing!
# Posted By Pam | 7/23/15 11:16 AM

We are so proud of our Great Granddaughter Gretchen, and the Great work she is doing to "Save the Nautilus"!!
She is an amazing girl!
# Posted By Larry & Dolores Bonnot (Great Grandparents) | 7/23/15 12:05 PM

Gretchen, we are so proud to call you our friend, and you will continue to inspire us to love and protect the nature and wildlife that surrounds us here in Wyoming! Thank you for your dedication, and thank you to your incredible parents, for continuing their support of your passion.
# Posted By Yvette and JJ Johnson | 7/23/15 11:06 PM

Gretchen and Courtney, so wonderful to see this kind of investment in the natural world. Thank you for all you do for the nautilus, and other species that are too often forgotten as we gaze at our cell phones, tablets and computers.....bless you.
# Posted By Margaret K. Haydon | 7/24/15 10:11 PM

Dear Gretchen,
Thank you so much for your efforts on behalf of the nautilus. It is so wonderful to see such strong investment in our natural world. So many of us have our noses stuck in our various electronic devices these days. Please keep telling us of the amazing species out there yet to explore, marvel at, and protect.

UW Art Department
# Posted By Margaret K. Haydon | 7/24/15 10:31 PM
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