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Photo Gallery: Snowy Winter Wildlife

Whether you're spending the rest of the year in shorts or bundled up, winter has officially arrived. To honor the winter solstice, we've compiled an album of wildlife in the snow at wildlife refuges across the country. Let's embrace the beauty of the season!

Red Foxes at Alaska Penninsula NWR

Ugashik River Foxtrot by Robert DreeszenSparring red foxes at the Alaska Peninsula National Wildlife Refuge by Robert Dreeszen.

Bison at National Elk Refuge in Wyoming

Bison with Frosty Face
Bison with a frosty mask at National Elk Refuge by Chris Clapp, volunteer.

Red-tailed Hawk at Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge in Utah

Juvenile Red-tailed Hawk
Juvenile red-tailed hawk at Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge by Mike Guyant, volunteer.

River Otters at Squaw Creek NWR in Missouri

River Otters at Squaw Creek
River otters enjoy the partially frozen wetlands at Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge by Kenny Bahr.

Deer at John Heinz NWR in Pennsylvania

Deer with Snow on Nose
Deer with a sprinkle of snow on its nose at John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge by Barbara Wheeler Photography, volunteer.

Loggerhead Shrike at Malheur NWR in Oregon

Loggerhead Shrike in Snow
Loggerhead shrike in snow at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge by Craig Lewis, USFWS.

Muskrat at Great Meadows NWR in Massachusetts

Muskrat Eating
This photo of a muskrat chowing down at Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge is copyright (c) 2013 Bob Travis and made available under a CC BY-NC 2.0 license.

Black-tailed Prairie Dogs at Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR in Colorado

Black-tailed Prairie Dogs
Black-tailed prairie dogs at Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge by Lee Winnike, 2012 photo contest winner.

Bald Eagle at Camas NWR in Idaho

Bald Eagle in Snow Covered Tree
Bald eagle in a snow covered tree at Camas National Wildlife Refuge by Lance Roberts, USFWS.

Sandhill Crane at Bosque del Apache NWR in New Mexico

Sandhill Crane in Snow
This photo, "Sandhill Crane in snow Bosque del Apache NWR" is copyright (c) 2015 Mark Watson and made available under a CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license.

Tundra Hare at Yukon Delta NWR in Alaska

Tundra Hare on Frozen Pond
Tundra hare crosses a partially frozen pond at Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge by Allen Stegeman.

Coyote at Seedskadee NWR in Wyoming

Coyote in Hoar Frost
Coyote in hoar frost at Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge by Tom Koerner, USFWS.

Beautiful winter shots. Not to be a nitpicker but actually tomorrow Dec 22 is really the first day of winter. I'm sure all these critters aren't really looking at their calendars.
# Posted By | 12/21/15 4:18 PM

Absolutely beautiful. Thank you
# Posted By | 12/22/15 1:02 PM

Beautiful animals. Thank you
# Posted By | 12/22/15 1:02 PM

Outstanding shots!! Thanks for sharing.
# Posted By | 12/22/15 4:25 PM

Appreciate these photos so much! Perfect wildlife pictures for
the holiday season. Thank you!
# Posted By | 12/22/15 4:52 PM

Love these photos! Thank you.
# Posted By Merle Ann Loman | 12/22/15 5:31 PM

# Posted By | 12/22/15 5:43 PM

# Posted By ramaje | 12/22/15 6:29 PM

Thanks for sharing this wonderful assortment of pictures.
# Posted By | 12/22/15 6:39 PM

Amazing photos, I would line my house with these. Thank you for sharing.
# Posted By Georgia Moyse | 12/22/15 8:27 PM

Thank you so much for these beautiful photographs. I spend entirely too much time indoors and seeing these animals and birds was a much-needed kick in the seat of my pants to get me out more! Thank you!
# Posted By Alice Oakey | 12/23/15 9:41 AM

Really Nice Thanks
# Posted By | 12/24/15 9:33 AM

Fantastic post! It is a great way to showcase different park assets.
# Posted By | 12/24/15 11:02 AM

Dear nit picker... The winter solstice occurred on Dec. 21 this year.
# Posted By Healingmagichands | 12/26/15 1:02 PM

Absolutely awesome pictures of wildlife!! Thank you so much!
# Posted By | 1/2/16 10:00 PM

Too bad that most of F&W areas are NOT giving “REFUGE” after all; they're used for “canned trophy Hunting”! If F&W cannot sell permits to Shoot that Wild LIFE, those species are exterminated -to clear the way for hunters (or fracking rigs). Except for migrating birds (who left before the rifles), hopefully the Bald Eagles (!), and some prairie dogs have a few “protections” temporarily - that won't last long, look at what happened to federally protected Wild HORSES, BURROs, Bison, Wolves!?
# Posted By CsS | 1/2/16 10:20 PM

# Posted By Wimpy | 1/2/16 10:47 PM

Great pictures.
# Posted By Joerg | 1/15/16 11:50 AM
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