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Tequila Courtesy the Lesser Long-nosed Bat

Bat Week

Our Bat of the Day for Friday is known for its ability to hover at flowers (and the occasional hummingbird feeder). Lesser long-nosed bats are agile flyers that use their slender, elongated muzzle and long tongue to feed on nectar.

 lesser long-nosed bat
A lesser long-nosed bat pollinates a saguaro cactus flower. Photo by Merlin D. Tuttle/Bat Conservation International.

Not only is their tongue as long as their body, about three inches, but  the tip is also equipped with brush-like papillae that help lap up nectar of agave and other cactus flowers. If you enjoy agave syrup or tequila, thank a lesser long-nosed bat!

The lesser long-nosed bat is protected as endangered under the Endangered Species Act. These bats are also migratory and native to the southwestern United States and northern Mexico.

And don't miss our awesome video:

- Ann Froschauer and Matt Trott, External Affrairs

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