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Pallid Bat Hears it All

Bat Week

Another big-eared bat, the pallid bat, is our Bat of the Day for Thursday. Check out those huge ears –half as long as its head and body length!

 pallid bat
Pallid bats can hear their prey’s footsteps. Photo by Ann Froschauer/USFWS

They use them to detect the footsteps of their prey on the ground. Swooping in silently from above, these larger bats often eat scorpions and centipedes, crickets, grasshoppers and beetles, with an occasional lizard or rodent thrown in! It is one of the few North American bats to capture little prey in the air, and for a bat it is agile on land.

A hibernator, not a migrator, these bats are found in semi-arid regions across most of the American West, up and down the coast from Canada to Mexico.

Finally, as  we said earlier, you should not disturb any bats but definitely not these guys. Pallid bats can emit a skunk-like odor.

- Ann Froschauer and Matt Trott, External Affrairs

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