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A Talk on the Wild Side.

Artist Pays Tribute to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

The Gift of the Arctic Refuge by Homer artist Rika Mouw is a handmade box that unfolds and contains a necklace of handmade paper birds, with each bird carrying a different quotation on its wings from those who campaigned for the establishment of the Arctic Refuge. The birds are strung on sinew and are clasped with a piece of carved caribou bone. The gift box is lined inside with the text of the Land Order that established the Arctic Refuge in 1960. Rika Mouw's piece has been selected for display at the Secretary of Interior's office in Washington, DC.

Creative and touching. Beautiful. Are iterations available to purchase to help support The Refuge? Dr. Paul J. Watson, Albuquerque, NM, USA.
# Posted By | 5/24/15 9:00 PM

i would also like to know if there are iterations to purchase to help fund this important and amazing project.
# Posted By blythe silano m.a. lpcc nbcc | 8/8/15 2:37 PM
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