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The Return of Wisdom

Wisdom preens her mate.  Photo credit: B. Wolfe/USFWS

Wisdom, the world’s oldest living, banded, wild bird has returned to Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge! Wisdom’s mate has been waiting within a few feet of the pair’s former nest site since November 19. Wisdom was first spotted on November 22. This isn’t the first time these two have readied their nest. Laysan albatrosses mate for life and Wisdom has raised between 30 to 35 chicks since being banded in 1956 at an estimated age of 5.  Laying only one egg per year, a breeding albatross will spend a tiring 365 days incubating and raising a chick.  

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Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story!
# Posted By Sherree Taylor | 12/2/14 8:38 PM

Beautiful! As a newbie to observing birds, I can only say that once you slow down long enough to witness their world you are hooked. Birds I find create a smile on my face and heart for the simple price of witnessing the world they live in. The amount of joy, laughter, and that sweet gladness that fills one's heart, no pharmaceutical could ever provide! There is great joy and sense of peace when documenting and observing behavioral patterns in the many birds passing or living in my area. Wisdom you are magical! I often wonder what and where the birds I watch will travel to as I hope to see them again day after day.....this article documents hope that I will see the flying angels yet again. Thank you.
# Posted By Lucia | 12/3/14 2:27 AM

I love this story! So sweet! I am an avid birder, today we observed 15 Red Knots wintering on a Jacksonville Florida beach. Probably partly because we have volunteers who work to protect the habitat and their food source. Cudos to those who protect the habitat of this beautifully mated pair!
# Posted By Becky L | 12/3/14 9:35 PM

What a great story. I am an amateur bird watcher and spend quite a bit monthly helping bird especially during migratory periods.
Keep em coming....
# Posted By Wisdom | 12/4/14 9:51 AM

How can I and several hundred of my friends from the Audubon Society of Daytona get into the site in Jacksonville to observe and photograph these rare birds.
# Posted By | 12/4/14 12:08 PM

We were stationed on Midway in the mid 60s and were always fascinated watching their mating rituals, nest building and the crash landings they made after being at sea for a while. there were also sooty terns and fairy terns , booby birds and frigate birds to watch. It was always interesting.
# Posted By pjh | 12/4/14 1:05 PM

Can you get an audio/video of this and "present" it to the Whoopers daily in St. Marks? ??
# Posted By | 12/5/14 3:21 PM

A really good read on the life history as well as plight of albatross and the history of the Pacific islands where seabirds have nested forever, is Carl Safina's book, Eye of the Albatross. It is a wonderful read full of facts, history, science, and includes a semi fictional account of the wanderings of a female albatross much like Wisdom. It is a terrific book!
# Posted By | 12/5/14 5:02 PM

she is a fantastic, remarkable bird, I wish her a successful incubation and a long and safe life
# Posted By | 12/7/14 11:07 AM

Hi, The contents are beautiful!
# Posted By transgenic mice | 7/13/15 2:52 AM
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