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Spot Something Illegal on a Refuge? Call In or Email a TIP

Trash on a refuge
Violations on Service-managed lands can take many forms, including illegally dumped trash. Photo credit: Steve Hillebrand/USFWS

We have established a Turn In Poachers (TIPs) Line to help visitors and other members of the public report violations occurring on National Wildlife Refuges and other Fish and Wildlife Service-managed lands.

You can call 1-844-NWR-TIPS (697-8477) or email NWR_TIPs@fws.gov 24 hours a day. You'll be asked for the type of incident as well as the date, place (refuge name or county/state) and approximate time of the incident. You may leave your name and contact information, which will aid law enforcement in the response and investigation, or you may remain anonymous. Any contact information provided will be used for official purposes only.

Thanks for your help in preserving America's natural treasures.

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