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Celebrating a Successful Recovery for a Snail

By Brynn Walling, USFWS

Slow and steady wins the race!

This week we announced some great news for the Magazine Mountain shagreen snail. In 1989 the snail was listed as a threatened species due to habitat loss and development affects to the land.

Now, 24 years later, the snail is the first ever invertebrate to recover and be removed from the Endangered Species Act!

snail_delist(What a success story! Photo: USFWS)

These snails have a dusky brown colored shell and can only be found in Logan County, Arkansas mainly on the Magazine Mountain. This is a major success story for Arkansas. 

Magazine Mountain shagreen snails prefer cool, moist conditions. This is why the Magazine Mountain is their preferred habitat, because they live within the sloping mass of rock fragments at the foot of a cliff. They reside in approximately 22 acres of the Magazine Mountain.

Of course this success story wouldn’t be possible without our many partners. Collaboration is an important part of conservation efforts. In these efforts we must thank the U.S. Forest Service, the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism, and the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

As the first invertebrate recovered and delisted, the Magazine Mountain shagreen snail will join the 26 other species who have reached this milestone! Some of the other species that have been delisted due to recovery include the bald eagle, alligator, and grizzly bear.

Each week, throughout this ruby anniversary year of the Endangered Species Act, we’ll highlight stories of conservation success in every state across the country. Stay tuned!

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