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The Oregon Chub Joins the Recovery Club

By Brynn Walling, USFWS

Want to win an ‘upstream battle?’ Follow the Oregon Chub!

The Oregon Chub is part of the minnow family and is unique to the Willamette River Valley of western Oregon. The small minnow, only growing to be approximately 3.5 inches long, has a beautiful olivey-silver color. They like weedy, swampy river bottoms and only live to be about 5 years old.

chubBig things are happening for this little fish, seen here with a VIE tag. (Photo: USFWS)

In 1993 the Oregon Chub was listed as an endangered species under the Endangered Species Act due to habitat loss.

The focus of restoration planning has be to reverse the decline of the species, protect existing populations, re-introduce chub into suitable habitat, and increase public awareness and involvement. 

Because the efforts so far have been so successful, the species was reclassified in 2010 from endangered to the less critical category of threatened.

The Oregon Chub remains protected under the Endangered Species Act today, and continues to thrive in recovery.

As always, these efforts would be impossible without our partnerships. We are forever grateful for the endless efforts from The Oregon Chub Working Group, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and private landowners.
Learn more about Oregon Chub’s path to recovery.

Each week, throughout this ruby anniversary year of the Endangered Species Act, we’ll highlight stories of conservation success in every state across the country. Stay tuned!

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