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That's a Wrap - Friday, July 13

Welcome to That's a Wrap, a weekly round up of what's been going on in and around the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service! Every Friday, we'll supply you with the best news and info you'll need before heading out the door for the weekend.

And now, a disclaimer! We can't gather all of these lovely tidbits ourselves, so some of our links will take you away from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife website. We will never knowingly link to anything malicious, but we are obliged to tell you to be careful out there.

This week in the Service we ...

... announced a proposal to protect Macaws. Four different species are under consideration for a listing as endangered under the Endangered Species Act: he great green macaw, hyacinth macaw, military macaw and scarlet macaw. The proposed rules are now in the Federal Register -- and the comment period ends September 4.

... awarded grants to battle White-Nose Syndrome. Over $900,000 has been awarded to 30 states for projects associated with WNS projects. The disease, which was first documented in the winter of 2006-2007, has spread to 19 states and four Canadian provinces.

And in other news ...

... seems like Cuttlefish can be two-faced creatures. According to new research, some male cephalopods can display female stripe patterns on one side and male stripe patterns when they are trying to mate. (Washington Post)

... trouts' snouts might be nature's original compasses. A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences says magnetic cells in the noses of trout might help scientists solve the mystery of how animals migrate by using the Earth's magnetic field. (Bloomberg)

... 2011 was a year of "extreme weather events". The annual State of the Climate report from NOAA states that 2011 was the coolest year on record since 2008, but temperatures are still hovering above 30 year averages. (NOAA)

Pic of the Week


Little brown bat affected by WNS. (Photo: USFWS)

And before you go ...

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