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Implementing the Refuge Vision

Remember our entries on Open Spaces last summer from the Conserving the Future Conference in Madison? Well, charting a bright future for the National Wildlife Refuge System didn’t stop there. Here’s an update on the implementation of the vision document that came out of the conference.

Transparency was a driving principle when the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service developed Conserving the Future as the vision that will guide the National Wildlife Refuge System for the next decade.  That same transparency is evident as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service begins implementing the vision. 

Implementation Plan Cover

Start your involvement by getting the latest updates and download your own copy of Conserving the Future at AmericasWildlife.org/vision.

We've set up a direct email for your questions and ideas about implementation:  conservingthefuture [at] fws [dot] gov.

Implementation Overview

Nine implementation teams are powering forward to make the vision a reality.  They are working on:  strategic growth; urban wildlife refuge initiative; leadership; planning; science; community partnerships; communications; hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation; and interpretation and education. You can stay tuned to their work from the blog at AmericasWildlife.org/blog or join the social network online. 

The teams are working under a general Implementation Plan for Conserving the Future that you can see by going to http://AmericasWildlife.org/vision. This plan includes information about implementation, timelines for the implementation teams’ work over the next year, and a communications framework for keeping the public informed and engaged.

Celebrating legacy

Spread the Word!  The Service has a number of tools to help you keep others information about Conserving the Future, including a fact sheet, PowerPoint presentation, illustrations from the Conserving the Future conference, and other resources. Download them on our “Fact Sheets and Resources” page.

Stay tuned to AmericasWildlife.org/vision for information as implementation of Conserving the Future move forward.

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