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Late Season Waterfowl Hunting Seasons: Quick Facts about the Proposal

Earlier today, we announced the proposed hunting season lengths for the 2011-2012 late waterfowl seasons.  After partnering with state biologists from each of the four flyways, we’ve come up with a regulatory framework which includes things like hunting length for waterfowl, season dates, and bag limits. 

 Pintail Duck Drake

Here are some key points about the proposal:

- Season lengths vary based on flyways

  • 60 days for Atlantic and Mississippi flyways
  • 74 days for Central Flyway, 23 additional days in High Plains areas
  • 107 days for Pacific Flyway

- A full season on pintails with a two bird daily bag limit nationwide

- A full season on canvasbacks with a one bird daily bag limit

- States select their season within the final framework that establish the earliest season beginning and latest ending date, maximum season length and bag limits

If you’re looking for detailed information about your state, the news release does a great job summarizing each Flyway, including states within each flyway, and full duck and geese seasons and limits.   If you’re looking for information on early-season migratory bird hunting, you can find that here

What are your thoughts about the proposal?  Start a conversation and talk to each other about what you do or don't like, and what changes you might make.  Just remember, while we here at Open Spaces love to hear from you, if you want your ideas to count, you'll need to formally submit your comment once it's published in the Federal Register in mid-August.  Information on when and how you can submit those comments can be found on the Migratory Birds Program page.

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