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5 Ways we Are Using Facebook and Twitter to Take You Outdoors While You Are Online

While we've only been at it for a little over a year, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has one of the most extensive social media networks in government. Whether it's a Refuge, a regional office, or a national program like Endangered Species, we've established social media presences on sites like Facebook and Twitter to make our agency more accessible to you.

Here are the top 5 ways, in no particular order, on how we are using Facebook and Twitter to take you outdoors while you are online:

1. Going Hyper Local

Did you know that we have nearly 100 Facebook pages and 30 Twitter accounts across the country? These social media presences come from places as diverse as Anchorage and the Caribbean. Our strategy is to go hyper local and establish social media presences that matter directly to you and your community.  

You can find a USFWS social media site near you by clicking on our sortable map below:

2. Delivering Better Customer Service

Earlier this year, President Obama issued an executive order on improving customer service in Federal agencies.  We've tried to use our social media presences to help carry out this important initiative. 

Whether it's keeping you in the know about an event at your local Refuge--such as this one at Necedah NWR in Central Wisconsin:

Or letting you know, through Twitter, how you can help in a time of a crisis: 

All and all, we are using our new social media presence as a new way to deliver you great public service that you expect from the federal government.

3. Photos!

When you can't get outside, sometimes a great nature photograph is the next best thing. Every week  share great nature photography from around the USFWS to get you learning more about wildlife, while having fun at the same time. What caption would you use for this great photo of roosting owls?

4. Continuing the Conversation about our Conservation Work

Recently, whether at Open Spaces or on our Director Dan Ashe's Director's Corner, we've blogged about issues that you care about. Whether it's about the recovery of the Wolf in Wyoming or the Lacey Act as it relates to Musicians, we've tried to address the topics that you told us matter most to you.

Using Facebook and Twitter allow us to extend that conversation and have a real dialogue about the substantive conservation issues of the day. Your comments, feedback, and input are essential to our work.  

5.Did I say Hyper Local?

Good, cause I meant it.  Whether it's talking about the northern lights at Seney National Wildlife Refuge  or sharing this precious video of a sea turtle at Bon Secour NWR in Florida, we invite you to connect with us online to get engaged with the natural places that matter the most to you!

I LUV this new interactive map with the hyperlinks to all the hyper-cool Refuges using New Media!
# Posted By Jason | 11/1/11 5:52 PM

Good to know that social media is helping in spreading words about wildlife conservation. It will definitely make humans more aware and help them being emphatic.
A wildlife enthusiast helping in conservation through <a href="http://indiawildlifesafaris.com">wild India tours</a>
# Posted By Sachin Vashishtha | 2/19/13 5:13 AM

I LUV this new interactive map with the hyperlinks to all the hyper-cool Refuges using New Media!

# Posted By Bruno | 10/25/16 9:12 AM
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