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New Service Voices: Keenan Adams, Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge Complex

Keenan Adams, Assistant Refuge Manager, Pelican Island NWR Complex.

In today's post, we have a guest blogger as our part of our new series on New Service Voices: Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge Complex Assistant Refuge Manager, Keenan Adams.  Keenan has been with the Service since 2008 when he served as a Refuge Operations Specialist. Keenan holds an M.S. degree in Forest Resources from Clemson University and a PhD in Wildlife Biology from Clemson University.  At Clemson, he concentrated his work on human dimensions of forest/wildlife management and land ethic.

Every morning on my commute to work, I watch the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean as I drive south on a coastal highway that overlooks Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge.  Sometimes, on my way home, I'll take a detour to Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuges’ centennial trail to watch the sun set over Indian River Lagoon. In the period between sun-up and sun-down, there may have been close to three hundred sea turtles laying eggs on our refuge.

Seriously, how cool is that? 


Thanks Keenan. Giving you the thumbs up. I'm proud of you. Remember, on yuor rise to the top (and yes, I know you'll be my boss one day) that Carolina Sandhills is where it all started!
# Posted By Lyne | 7/22/11 12:47 PM

"better manager, a better communicator, and a better person" - where can I get some of that!? Great story man, thanks for sharing.
# Posted By Michael Gale @generationwild | 7/25/11 12:22 PM

Very inspiring message for future leaders in environmental and wildlife-related careers all across the country. Thank you!
# Posted By Marisa M. | 7/26/11 8:10 AM

Great blog post Keenan!! I agree, we are very lucky to work for the Service with some of the greatest people in the world : )
# Posted By Allison LePage @ecogirlwild | 7/26/11 4:34 PM

Wonderful post, Keenan!!!!
# Posted By | 10/16/11 6:30 PM

Keenan, just stumbled on this blog and wow, what a great one it is. Not that i anticipated anything less when i saw that you wrote it. You make us proud that you are a Clemson Grad!!
# Posted By PaulaB | 4/25/12 10:27 AM
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