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Open Spaces

A Talk on the Wild Side.

Reasons to Celebrate: The Refuge System's 109th Birthday

How do you mark a 109th birthday?  

In style.  

All the more so when the honoree is an American icon, respected the world-over as a conservation force and national treasure.   

Ducks in Flight, ChincoteagueDucks take off at Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, Photo: Steve Hillebrand

The birth of the National Wildlife Refuge System on March 14, 1903, ensured that our children and our children’s children will inherit an America that still has natural spaces and the wild creatures.


Conservation=Commerce: The 3 BIG Numbers You Need to Know

We've talked with you before about our Fisheries Program--we even featured it right here on Open Spaces in August. In case you don't remember, the program plays a vital role in conserving America’s fisheries. They also do a ton of partnership work, working with states, tribes, and others with the common goal of ensuring healthy fish and wildlife.

Today, a really important study (from 2004-2008) was released measuring the economic impact of the work done by the program and it's partners.

Given our challenging economic times, the report brings good news, suggesting something many of us have known all along. What is it?

Conservation = Commerce

What does THAT mean?

Here are the three BIG numbers from the report that you need to know:

Measuring a Steelhead trout