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Real-Life Mascots for Conservation and the Gridiron

We love our football here at Open Spaces.

With football season in full swing, we probably don’t have to remind you that team mascots play a big part in establishing a team’s identity. Did you ever stop to think that nearly all professional teams have wildlife inspired mascots? Did you also know that some of those wildlife are currently facing—or have faced in the past—serious threats to healthy population levels?  

It’s true! While we love them all, we're spotlighting two wildlife inspired mascots that we think are ideal representatives for their respective cities and teams. Both display amazing physical attributes while showing tremendous resilence in the face of adversitiy--great qualities for any football team.  

So, which mascots are they.......

Touchdown!  Credit: Aaron Webb


What permit(s) are required to use a live migratory bird as a public school mascot? I already possess a falconry permit and a special possession of live migratory birds for educational purposes permit.
# Posted By Cathartes88 | 4/17/15 5:20 PM

Hi Cathartes88,

You need to contact your regional Migratory Birds Permit Office, http://www.fws.gov/migratorybirds/mbpermits/addres.... An educational permit does not cover what you are talking about and the regional office will be able to direct you.

# Posted By U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service | 4/20/15 9:01 AM
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