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Everything you need to know about National Wildlife Refuge Week

Next week is one of our favorite times of the year here at Open Spaces: National Wildlife Refuge Week!   

Of course, anytime is a good time to visit a National Wildlife Refuge.  But no week on the calendar is as filled with as many events as National Wildlife Refuge Week, celebrated each year during the second full week of October. 

So, as promised, here’s everything you need to know to help celebrate your National Wildlife Refuge System:


I have been wanting to go to the wildlife refuge for a while now and it looks like a great place. Is the place safe for kids and dogs? I assume it is since there is a picture with children on it, but I want to make sure and come prepared. I'd like to bring my border collie too but I'm not sure it would be allowed. She's a pretty good dog who does a bunch of <a href="http://www.dogtrickacademy.com/">dog tricks</a>.

Maybe I'll just give them a quick call in the morning.
# Posted By Jean Cote | 10/4/11 11:45 PM

Refuges are definitely safe for kids! During Refuge week, some will even offer specific events to get kids involved with the outdoors. Good luck! If you have any other questions, like about your dog, calling the Visitor Services of your local refuge is a great place to start to get answers.
# Posted By Michael Davidson | 10/5/11 12:26 PM

Somewhat surprisingly, I first learned about National Wildlife Refuge Week up in Canada from a <a href="http://www.asaplock.com/">Toronto locksmith</a>, Pat Flynn. He and family have an annual tradition to visit the refuge at Harbor Island, MI and last year, our family enjoyed visits to Iroquois and Montezuma in NY for the first time -- a new tradition born!
# Posted By Andre Reid | 2/6/12 7:02 AM
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