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5 Green Building Projects from our National Wildlife Refuge System

We are going green.  Did you know that we're working to make our facilities, our vehicles--and everything else for that mattter--completely carbon neutral in just 8 years?  It's true!  

To meet our 2020 goal, we're designing, building, and refurbishing in a way that cuts our reliance on greenhouse gases and saves taxpayer dollars

Here are five (now award winning) sustainable design projects from around the Refuge System that you probably didn’t know about. If you live in the area, be sure to check them out in person!

Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge

This Sudbury, Massachusetts Refuge now boats 5,879 square-foot sustainably designed visitor center. The building features passive solar architecture, a cool roof, daylighting and much more. The 19 megawatt-hours of renewable power generated offsets 13.1 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually. Low flow plumbing fixtures and waterless urinals conserve 3,000 gallons of water a year. 


Congratulations "Going Green" is not always a cheaper option but is the way of the future and we all need to be serious about water conservation. Recycling grey water for irrigation purposes, replacing lawned areas with porous paving which allows the rain to pass through the pavers and can redirect heavier flows into water catchment areas for drinking. Paving Adelaide business is based in Adelaide, South Australia the driest State in the driest Continent and we are focussed on educating people on the merits of using paving to harvest rain water.
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We should have a better understanding of the current market conditions for the lighting industry and why efficient lighting is so important to cutting costs and saving energy.
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