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Partners for Fish & Wildlife

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Restoration Initiatives

Habitat restoration priorities for the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program in the New England states of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island have targeted impaired aquatic systems (tidal and freshwater wetlands) and terrestrial (grassland and forest) habitats for which the restoration actions would benefit trust resource fish and wildlife species, i.e. endangered or threatened species, migratory birds, and diadromous fish.

In partnership with private landowners, conservation organizations, and state and federal agencies, the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program is working to identify and prioritize projects and provide technical expertise and funding for the implementation of a diversity of restoration practices.

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Tidal and Freshwater Wetlands

Dam Removal and River Restoration

Invasive Species

Grassland and Early Successional Habitats

Riparian Habitat Restoration



Last updated: September 11, 2009