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Partners for Fish & Wildlife

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Habitat Restoration Links

The Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program works with many partners throughout the New England region. 
Some important links for different types of habitat restoration are provided below.

MA Landowner Incentive Program
NH Landowner Incentive Program
NOAA Restoration Center
Save The Bay (Narragansett Bay - RI/MA)

Tidal and Estuarine Restoration

NH Coastal Program
MA Wetland Restoration Program
RI Habitat Restoration Team

Freshwater Wetland & Grassland Restoration

Ducks Unlimited - Habitat Conservation

River Restoration

NH Dam Removal & River Restoration Program
MA Riverways Program

VTDEC - River Management
American Rivers

Invasive Species Management

Cornell University Invasive Plant Program
MA Purple Loosestrife Biocontrol



Last updated: September 11, 2009