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Endangered Species

image of Small whorled pogonia
Small whorled pogonia. USFWS photo.

image of USFWS biologist banding a young eagle chick
FWS biologist banding young eagle chick.
USFWS photo.

image of Bald eagle adult
Bald eagle. USFWS photo.

image of Peregrine Falcon adult
Adult peregrine falcon. USFWS photo.

image of Dwarf cinquefoil habitat photo
Delisted dwarf cinquefoil habitat, near Mount Washington, NH.
USFWS photo.

   Image of biologists surveying for the delisted dwarf cinquefoil
Survyeing for delisted dwarf cinquefoil.
USFWS photo.

Image of Dwarf cinquefoil photo
Dwarf cinquefoil. USFWS photo.

Image of piping plover photo
Adult piping plover. USFWS photo.

Image of adult Puritan tiger beetle photo
Adult puritan tiger beetle. USFWS photo.

image of Marked Northeastern beach tiger beetle photo
Marked Adult Northeastern beach tiger beetle. USFWS photo.

Dwarf wedgemussel photo
Dwarf wedgemussel siphoning. USFWS photo.

Image of Bog turtle photo
Bog turtle. USFWS photo.




Last updated: December 3, 2009