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Yaworski NRDAR Restoration Project

      The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service), on behalf of the Department of the Interior, has completed the Final Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment (RP/EA) for the Yaworski Lagoon Superfund Site, located in Canterbury, Connecticut. As proposed in the Draft RP/EA, the Service will implement two projects to restore natural resources injured as a result of the release of hazardous substances from the Site. The Service will commit $24,000 to restore the lower reaches of the Moosup River by removing an old cast iron pipe that acts as a barrier to fish and other aquatic organisms. In addition, the Service will provide $12,000 to the Connecticut Audubon Society to implement a Citizen Science Volunteer Monitoring Program in the Town of Canterbury. We hope to begin the restoration projects immediately.

      The Yaworski Lagoon Superfund Site is located in Canterbury, Connecticut.  From 1950 to 1973, industrial wastes, including solvents, paints, dyes and other debris were disposed of in a lagoon at the Site. Metals, including copper, lead, zinc, and cadmium, contaminated sediments and surface waters in nearby wetlands and the Quinebaug River, reducing the habitat’s value for wildlife. A variety of migratory birds, fish, amphibians and other aquatic organisms utilize the impacted habitat. In a settlement with the Responsible Parties, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service received $40,000 to restore injured wetland and riverine habitat, including all costs associated with planning, restoration, and monitoring.

image of pipeline from yaworski site      

A copy of the Final RP/EA is available at the following link:

Contaminants-NRDAR-restoration_projects-Yaworski.htm (6.3 MB PDF)

Thank you for your help in the planning process.

Molly Sperduto, NRDR Specialist
US Fish & Wildlife Service
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Last updated: September 16, 2009