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The northern Nevada ecological services staff is located in Reno, Nevada. The ecological services program has a number of biologist and technical specialist that focus on conservation of Nevada’s native species in the eastern Sierra, Lake Tahoe Basin, northern Nevada, and the Great Basin. They have expertise in hydrology, botany, fisheries, biology, environmental contaminants, as well as information technology.

From the snow-capped Sierra’s at elevations above 10,000 feet, to the vast expanse of the arid Great Basin, our specialist work with many partners and agencies to implement species conservation and recovery and to address issues that affect species at these extremes.


wildfire to plants and animalsWildfires Impact Native Fish

When most people think of the destruction caused by a wildfire to plants and animals, they typically think of terrestrial species. However, wildfires can have devastating impacts to aquatic species as well. Learn More


Columbia spotted frogs New Technology Used To Monitor Frogs

To gain a better understanding of a population of Columbia spotted frogs, a team of Nevada Fish and Wildlife Office (Service) biologists began using a tracking method traditionally used to track movements of fish. Using passive integrated transponders, commonly referred to as PIT tags, biologists are now able to track movements of tagged frogs year-around in a remote area in the upper Reese River Basin. Learn More




Northern Nevada Field Office

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