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Ash Meadows Blazing Star
(Mentzelia leucophylla)

Class: Magnoliopsida
Order: Violales
Family: Loasaceae
Genus: Mentzelia
Species: leucophylla
Habitat: These species are restricted to the Ash Meadows region and ground water basin in Nye County, Nevada, and Inyo County, California.

Official Status:


Life History:

This biennial plant is probably the rarest of all plant species endemic to Ash Meadows. Although little is known about its life history or habitat requirements, it is known to occupy alkaline soils in dry washes and on barren bluffs distributed along the eastern edge of Ash Meadows. Flowering continues from June to September with bright yellow flowers arranged in open, broad infloresences. The blazing star is associated with the Ash Meadows sunray. It is always associated with dry soils apparently uninfluenced by seepage from springs or seeps.


Distribution and Habitat:


It occurs only in Nevada on sandy or saline clay soils along canyon washes and on alkaline mounds. It is often found with the Ash Meadows milk-vetch and the Ash Meadows sunray.




The loss of habitat by recent agricultural and municipal development activities, the clearing of land for road construction,the removal of ground water and diversion of surface spring flow, and local mining activities threaten the integrity of the species' habitat and,therefore, their survival.


Actions / Current Information:


  Date Title
  09/28/1990 Recovery Plan for the Endangered and Threatened Species of Ash Meadows, Nevada
  03/25/2009 Initiation of 5-Year Reviews of 58 Species in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah; Availability of Completed 5-Year Reviews in California and Nevada
  05/20/1985 Determination of Thr. Status w/ Crit. Hab for 6 Plants & 1 Insect in Ash Meadows, NV & CA; & End. Status w/ Crit. Hab. for 1 Plant in Ash Meadows; 50 FR 20777-20794
  10/13/1983 Proposed End. Status & Crit. Hab. for Seven Plant & One Insect Species in Ash Meadows, NV & CA; 48 FR 46590-46598
Last updated: April 16, 2014