Nevada Fish & Wildlife Office
Pacific Southwest Region

Jarbidge River Bull Trout Recovery Team

Photo Collage: Jarbidge River bull trout; East Fork Jarbidge River Canyon and Jarbidge Peak; bull trout pool on West Fork Jarbidge River.
The Jarbidge River Bull Trout Recovery Team was established in 2005 to restore and protect the bull trout population in the Jarbidge River , which is listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act . The team is co-led by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Nevada Department of Wildlife. The Recovery Team is meeting monthly with initial goals of publishing a new draft recovery plan while at the same time implementing a number of on-the-ground conservation and restoration projects in 2006.
The Recovery Team is identifying and will be implementing on-the-ground actions and research projects in the Jarbidge River watershed in 2006 to benefit bull trout and other aquatic species and improve overall habitat conditions. The role of the Recovery Team also includes coordinating and prioritizing research, recovery, and monitoring activities among various State and Federal agencies, other scientists, and landowners. Recovery actions will be monitored by the Recovery Team for effectiveness in achieving desired habitat or population results.
The Recovery Team has contacted various individuals and local interest groups to develop a Stakeholder Team to participate in recovery plan development and current and future implementation of actions. Periodic public meetings are scheduled in addition to the current monthly technical meetings to provide updates on recovery plan progress and proposed actions.
This web page is intended to facilitate timely communication between the Recovery Team and the public regarding identification of recovery goals, progress toward recovery plan completion, implementation of recovery actions, and opportunities for public participation.
Last updated: April 16, 2014