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Schoolyard Habitat Program


The Schoolyard Habitat Program provides opportunities for students to experience nature as a regular part of their school curriculum. The program helps schools create natural spaces on school grounds where students will observe, draw, write, think, and discover. Involvement and ownership of the schoolyard habitat by both teachers and the students is an overarching element of every schoolyard habitat. Find out more about the Nevada Schoolyard Habitat Program


Coral Academy of ScienceCoral Academy of Science Creates a Schoolyard Habitat

In April, 2012, Coral Academy of Science, a charter science school located in Reno, Nevada, was awarded $3,400 from the Service to create an outdoor classroom known as a schoolyard habitat. To learn more about how this ecologically sound classroom has been integrated into the school’s curriculum follow this link.


Crestwood Elementary SchoolBuilding Schoolyard Habitats

Teachers Lynn Clifton (right), from Crestwood Elementary School in Las Vegas, and Janie Lampron (left), from Ober Elementary in Summerlin, NV, plant native Mojave plants in a raised bed for a pollinator garden at CT Sewell Elementary School. Both CT Sewell and Ober Elementary Schools have received Service funding for schoolyard habitat projects. Crestwood Elementary is in the planning process and hopes to have a project in the near future. Learn more




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