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The Southern Nevada Fish & Wildlife Office is located in Las Vegas, Nevada within the Mojave Desert. The Southern Nevada Fish & Wildlife Office was established in 1995 primarily to work on recovery and regulatory issues related to the Mojave population of the desert tortoise (Gopherus agassizii), a species listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act (Act), and to help with efforts to conserve native desert fishes in southern Nevada. Currently, the Southern Nevada Fish & Wildlife Office works with federal, state, and local partners to recover 27 federally listed species and three candidate species designated under the Act. We also are responsible for administrating the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, and we work with others to protect migratory birds in southern Nevada. Our staff of 15 includes biologists and technical staff with expertise in desert ecology, spring and riparian systems, high elevation ecosystems, information technology, administration, and geographic information system (GIS).

Male Mallard Migratory Ducks nesting

Your yard may be providing ducks with the ideal place to build a nest. You may have vegetation and water that provides them with resources to live and build a nest in hopes they will succeed in raising a brood.

Moapa Snorkel SurveyMoapa Dace Numbers Up

Jack Ruggirello, a graduate student at the University of Arizona, snorkels in a shallow reach of the Muddy River system to count the Moapa dace living at the Moapa Valley National Wildlife Refuge. Biologists conducted the snorkel survey in the Muddy River system during the first week of August 2012, and counted 1,181 Moapa dace. The count represents an increase of 65 percent over the number of dace found a year earlier in August 2011 (713 fish). This is the first time since February 2007 that the Moapa dace population has topped 1,000 fish. Learn more






Southern Nevada Fish & Wildlife Office

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