Nevada Fish & Wildlife Office
Pacific Southwest Region

Recent Species Actions

Click the links below to view species fact pages and recent action documents. Dates indicate when action documents were last posted for each species.




Amphibians Amargosa toad 07/20/2010
  Columbia spotted frog 10/08/2015Updated Bull Trout Info
  Northern Leopard Frog 10/04/2011
  Relict leopard frog 7/20/2015Updated Bull Trout Info
Birds Columbian Sharp-tailed Grouse 11/21/2006
Greater Sage grouse 08/12/2015Updated Bull Trout Info
  Mono Basin Area Sage Grouse 03/26/2013
  Southwestern willow flycatcher 01/02/2013
  Western yellow-billed Cuckoo 08/14/2014Updated Bull Trout Info
Bonytail Chub 10/02/2006
  Bonneville Cutthroat Trout 09/09/2008
  Bull trout 10/18/2010
  Devils Hole pupfish 09/30/2015Updated Bull Trout Info
  Hiko White River springfish 07/09/2007
  Lahontan cutthroat trout 09/09/2008
  Pahranagat roundtail chub 07/09/2007
  Pahrump poolfish 04/12/2016Updated Bull Trout Info
  Paiute cutthroat trout 04/09/2010
  Railroad Valley springfish 07/09/2007
  Razorback Sucker 10/02/2006
  Virgin River chub 09/2003
  White River springfish 07/09/2007
Invertebrates Carson wandering skipper 09/13/2007
  Mt Charleston blue butterfly 06/29/2015Updated Bull Trout Info
  Sand Mountain blue butterfly 05/02/2007
  Spring Mountains acstus checkerspot butterfly 09/26/2012
  Elongate Mud Meadows Springsnail 11/28/2012
Mammals American Black bear 07/03/2012
  American pika 02/05/2010
  Pygmy rabbit 09/29/2010
  Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep 08/05/2008
  Wolverine 02/04/2013
  Churchill Narrows buckwheat 09/25/2014Updated Bull Trout Info
  Goose Creek Milkvetch 09/10/2009
  Las Vegas buckwheat 09/25/2014Updated Bull Trout Info
  Soldier Meadow Cinquefoil 08/01/2013
  Tahoe yellow cress 10/08/2015Updated Bull Trout Info
  Webber’s ivesia 06/02/2014Updated Bull Trout Info
  Whitebark pine 07/18/2011
Reptiles Desert Tortoise 05/03/2014Updated Bull Trout Info
Last updated: April 12, 2016