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Join the Conversation about Native Bees

Celebrate Pollinator Week, June 17-23, 2013!

Native Bees

How can you help Pollinators!!!

There is increasing evidence pollinators are in decline.  Here are some simple things you can do at home to help.

1) Plant a Pollinator Garden

2) Build a Bee Block

3) Avoid or Limit Pesticide Use

More about endangered species:

Endangered Species Act Basics (fact sheet)

Why save endangered species? (brochure)

Celebrate Endangered Species Day May 17, 2013

ESA Day logo


Species information


Weird and Wonderful Wildlife

ES Bulletin

Endangered Species Bulletin

Neighborhood explorers


Attracting pollinators to your garden

50 stories states days


Weird and Wonderful Wildlife

weird and wonderful


Click on the image above for some fun and games!!

Educators' Corner

Pollinators presentation, Protecting Pollinators

Replanting a tall grass prairie

Pollinator Curriculim (grades3-6)

Ace Animal Detective


Protect Frogs in your Garden: Homeowner's Guide to Protecting Frogs

Invite pollinators to your garden: Attracting Pollinators to your Garden

Education Trunks

Birding Kits Bridges to Birding flyer


Wildlife For Trade: Confiscated items from illegal wildlife trade


Let's Go Outside

neighborhood exploreres

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