Roanoke River Refuge Expansion Proposal

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The USFWS recently held a series of scoping meeting to announce a proposal to increase the "acquisition boundary" for Roanoke River National Wildlife Refuge. Federal law prohibits agencies from obtaining land, even land that is offered at no cost as a donation, unless the specific land in identified in an approved "Acquisition Boundary." When funds are available, WHEN THERE ARE WILLING SELLERS, and when the land meets the requirements that have been established (usually wetlands), this plan, when approved, will authorized the USFWS to add acreage to the refuge.

We hope this site will answer all your questions about both the process and the plans for expanding the aquisition boundary for Roanoke River National Wildlife Refuge. Please feel from to contact us at any time, if you have questions or comments.

THE PROCESS: The legal process for establishing an approved acquisition boundary for a refuge has several very specific steps. Each step requires specific products and specific public involvement. We are currently in the very beginning of this process for Roanoke River National Wildlife Refuge. This page is the summary page. Follow the chronology below, check the links for details, and follow along as we move through this important process.

2-13-2017 News Release Refuge News Release establishing March 3, 2017 as deadline for initial comments concerning the Roanoke River Refuge Expansion Project. There will be public meetings and additional opportunities to comment at a later time, when the plan draft plan has been written. Comments about the proposal may be emailed to
Roanoke River Landowner Facts Growing a National Wildlife Refuge: Options for Private Landowners. This document explains various ways for a private landowner to transfer property to the USFWS.
Legacy Fact Sheet This fact sheet provides an explanation of how the USFWS acquires property.
Revenue Sharing Fact Sheet The Revenue Sharing Act provides a mechanism for the USFWS to trnsfer funds to locals couties in lieu of property tax.
Q&As This page of questions and answers will be ever-changing. As we received questions, we'll be adding to this list frequently. So, check back often!
Fact Sheet A fact sheet with map showing the proposed expansion area.
RR Refuge Scoping Meeting Presentation In January, 2017, the USFWS began the process of requesting an increase in the aquisition boundary for Roanoke River National Wildlife Refuge by presenting the concept and intent to the public in a series of public meeitngs.
Details of the PROCESS Download this PDF file to see how we go about planning this proposed expansion
1-5-2017 News Release News Release inviting the public to scoping meetings for the Roanoke River Expansion Proposal