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2018 News Releases

Alligator River
Cedar Island
Mackay Island
Pea Island
Pocosin Lakes
Roanoke River

10-1-2018 Fish and Wildlife Service Makes Available North Carolina Department of Transportation Amendment to NC 12 Right-of-Way Easement for NC 12 B2500B Bridge Construction on Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge Draft Finding of No Significant Impact and Decision for Public Review.
9-18-2018 New York Ironweed
9-6-2018 Lark Sparrow
9-4-2018 Coastal Plain Joe Pye Weed
8-30-2018 Curlew Sandpiper
8-28-2018 Osprey
8-23-2018 Do the Gator!
8-21-2018 Southern Leopard Frog - Can You Spot it?
8-16-2018 Green Anole
8-14-2018 Great Egret
8-9-2018 Nothing to Laugh About If You're the Crab
8-7-2018 Lunch on a Limb
8-2-2018 Common Loon
7-31-2018 Beautyberry
7-26-2018 Turn Your Eyes to the Sky
7-24-2018 Bearably Close
7-19-2018 Indian Blanket
7-17-2018 Cattle Egret
7-17-2018 Join us for a Wild Time on Pocosin Lakes Refuge!
7-12-2018 Dense Blazing Star
7-10-2018 Bulltongue Duck Potato
7-5-2018 To Everything, Tern, Tern, Tern
7-3-2018 Northern Bobwhite
6-28-2018 Play Misty
6-26-2018 Swamp Leatherflower
6-21-2018 Have a Howling Good Time!
6-19-2018 Time to Climb
6-14-2018 Willet or Won't it?
6-12-2018 Beaver on the Refuge
6-7-2018 Halloween Pennant Dragonfly
6-5-2018 Swamp Rose on the Refuge
6-4-2018 Join Us For the Pea Island Crabbing Rodeo
5-31-2018 Not a Floating Log
5-29-2018 Here's Looking at You
5-24-2018 Cub on the Refuge
5-22-2018 Yellow-bellied Slider
5-17-2018 Black-necked Stilt on the Refuge
5-15-2018 Banded Watersnake
5-10-2018 Glossy Ibis on the Refuge
5-8-2018 Pocosin Lakes Refuge -Yellow Pitcher Plant
5-3-2018 Prothonotary Warbler on the Refuge
5-1-2018 Bearability
4-26-2018 American Mink on Pea Island
4-24-2018 Virginia Iris on the Refuge
4-19-2018 Prairie Warbler on the Refuge
4-17-2018 Red Maple on the Refuge
4-12-2018 Small's Ragwort on the Refuge
4-10-2018 Getting Up High To Keep a Sharp Eye
4-5-2018 North American River Otter on the Refuge
4-3-2018 Serviceberry
4-2-2018 Fish and Wildlife Service Makes Available National Wildlife Refuge Research Draft Compatibility Determination for Public Review
3-29-2018 American Oystercatcher - A Conspicuous Bird
3-27-2018 Resting on the Refuge
3-22-2018 Whimbrel
3-20-2018 Highbush Blueberry in Bloom
3-15-2018 Pause for the Paws
3-15-2018 Join Us for John Eppler's Photo-adventures on Refuges!
3-13-2018 Pocosin Lakes Refuge Visitor Center
3-8-2018 Coastal Travelers
3-6-2018 Headed North
3-1-2018 Still as a Stick
2-27-2018 Buds, Blossoms & Blooms
2-22-2018 Belted Kingfisher
2-20-2018 Swamp Rose Mallow
2-15-2018 Occasional Refuge Visitor
2-13-2018 Pocosin Lakes Refuge Loaded with Red-winged Blackbirds!
2-12-2018 Prescribed Burn Planned for Pea Island Refuge
2-12-2018 Join Us to Learn all about Recycling!
2-8-2018 White Ibis on the Refuge
2-6-2018 Winter Birds on the Refuge
2-1-2018 Alligator River Refuge Winter Visitors
1-30-2018 Eat, Mark & Climb
1-26-2018 Bitter Panicgrass On Pea Island Refuge
1-23-2018 Sandhill Cranes at Pocosin Lakes Refuge
1-18-2018 Refuge Red-tailed
1-16-2018 Pocosin Lakes Refuge - A Haven For Birds
1-11-2018 Sea Oats-The Iconic Plant of Coastal Dunes
1-9-2018 Strolling Before the Snow
1-4-2018 Red Wolf on Refuge
1-2-2018 Glaucous Greenbrier