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News Releases

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12-29-2017 Dynamic Duo on the Refuge
12-26-2017 American Holly
12-21-2017 Refuge Firebreaks
12-19-2017 Titi-A Small Deciduous Tree
12-14-2017 Skimming Fishers
12-12-2017 A Great Blue Surveys the Refuge
12-7-2017 Whoo Gives a Hoot?
12-7-2017 Mackay Island Refuge Announces Open Roads Days
12-6-2017 National Wildlife Refuges Honors Volunteers
12-5-2017 Coral Greenbrier
11-30-2017 Mallards at Pea Island Refuge
11-28-2017 Swans are Back at Pocosin Lakes Refuge
11-23-2017 Yaupon Holly on Pea Island Refuge
11-22-2017 Wax Myrtle
11-16-2017 American Beachgrass
11-14-2017 Getting Ready For Winter
11-9-2017 NCDOT Cares...Not Only About Roads & Bridges
11-7-2017 White Heather Aster
11-2-2017 Seeing Double
10-31-2017 Narrowleaf Sunflower
10-26-2017 Amazing Wings Over Water Wildlife Festival
10-24-2017 Pocosin Lakes Refuge Bird Sky
10-19-2017 Seaside Goldenrod
10-17-2017 Bear Behind the Billboard Eyes
10-12-2017 National Wildlife Refuge Week
10-11-2017 Mackay Island Refuge Announces Open Roads Days
10-10-2017 Swamp Rose on the Refuge
10-5-2017 Wild Kingdom
10-3-2017 Bald Cypress on Pocosin Lakes Refuge
9-28-2017 It's Time To Get WOWed!
9-26-2017 Notice! DeHoog Road Closure on Pocosin Lakes Refuge
9-21-2017 Wildlife Art Expo Opening Reception
9-19-2017 Just About Any Time is Bear Time on Pocosin Lakes Refuge
9-14-2017 Weathered Face of the Beach
9-12-2017 Staying Prepared on theRefuge
9-7-2017 Smooth Glider
9-7-2017 Coastal North Carolina Refuges Recognized by Department of the Interior Secretary for Community Support
8-31-2017 Head in the Clouds on Pea Island Refuge
8-29-2017 Mackay Island Open Roads
8-29-2017 Muscadines on the Refuge
8-24-2017 Pea Island Dip & Dine
8-22-2017 Last Call For Pocosin Lakes Refuge Water Management Plan Comments
8-17-2017 Great Blues on the Refuge
8-15-2017 Loblolly Bay Flowers on Pocosin Lakes Refuge
8-14-2017 News Release from Dare County Sheriff's Office: Dare County Sheriff's Office Requesting Information
8-10-2017 Who's Watching Whom?
8-9-2017 New Pocosin Lakes Scavenger Hunt
8-4-2017 Trying to Keep Up with Mama!
8-1-2017 Pitcher - No Batter!
7-20-2017 On the Water
7-18-2017 Your Input Valued at Pocosin Lakes Refuge Open Houses
7-13-2017 It's Turtle Time!
7-11-2017 Get Your Bloom On!
7-11-2017 FAQ for Water Developing Water Management Plan for Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge
7-11-2017 Scoping Meetings for Water Management Plan for Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge
7-6-2017 Moving Slowly on a Hot Summer Day
7-6-2017 Take a Walk on the Wild Side - National Wildlife Refuges Visitor Center
7-4-2017 Don't forget to eat your greens
6-29-2017 Take a Walk on the Wild Side
6-27-2017 Two Beauties
6-22-2017 It's Wild on the Refuge
6-20-2017 Slip-sliding Away on Pocosin Lakes
6-19-2017 Local Wildlife Photographer Jeff Lewis Shares His Tips, Tricks, and Adventures on National Wildlife Refuges
6-15-2017 Prehistoric on the Refuge
6-13-2017 Beautiful Bird on Pocosin Lakes
6-8-2017 It's a Flying Turkey
6-6-2017 Bear Time on Pocosin Lakes Refuge
6-2-2017 Celebrate at Pea Island Crabbing Rodeo
6-1-2017 Different Kind of Gate House
5/31/2017 Draft Compatibility Determination for CHEC Right-of-Way
5/31/2017 Call for Comment on Compatability Determination for CHEC Right-of-Way on Pea Island Refuge
5-30-2017 Family Time on the Refuge
5-25-2017 Ready to Climb
5-23-2017 On the Water at Pocosin Lakes
5-19-2017 Chris Lucash Named as Recovery Champion
5-18-2017 Getting a Clear View of the Refuge
5-16-2017 Swamp Leather Flowering on Pocosin Lakes Refuge
5-11-2017 Butterfly and Thistle on Alligator River Refuge
5-8-2017 Bear Time on the Refuge
5-4-2017 Celebrate International Migratory Bird Day
5-2-2017 In Bloom on the Refuge
4-27-2017 Skimmers on the Refuge
4-25-2017 In Bloom at Pocosin Lakes Refuge
4-20-2017 A Howl of a Time
4-18-2017 Use Your Iris to See Iris!
4-13-2017 Doing What They Otter
4-11-2017 Not All Birds and Bears
4-6-2017 Head in the Clouds
4-4-2017 It's Bearly Spring
3-29-2017 Where There's Smoke, There's Fire
3-21-2017 Occasional Visitor
3-20-2017 Wild Turkeys Prowl the Refuge
3-16-2017 Bottoms Up on the Refuge
3-15-2017 Get to Know Purple Martins
3-14-2017 Longs Legs Come in Handy
3-9-2017 They Don't Actually Kill Deer
3-7-2017 It's Not Canada Dry on the Refuge
3-2-2017 Scram to the Tram
2-28-2017 Not too Late!
2-23-2017 Gobbler on the Refuge
2-21-2017 Looking Ahead on the Refuge
2-16-2017 Big Bird - not that one! A White Pelican
2-14-2017 Taking Flight
2-13-2017 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes to Expand Wildlife Conservation in North Carolina
2-10-2017 Mattamuskeet Seeks Bids for Mowing Contract
2-9-2017 Bearly Peeking
2-7-2017 Double 'B's on the Refuge
2-2-2017 Who Gives a Hoot?
1-31-2017 Filling the Sky at Pocosin Lakes Refuge
1-26-2017 Cattle Egrets Visit In Warmer Weather
1-24-2017 Persistent Rainfall Causes Pungo Unit Road Closures on Pocosin Lakes Refuge
1-19-2017 Super Snooper
1-17-2017 Swans, Swans, and more Swans!
1-12-2017 USFWS Seeks Information about Shooting of Alligator on Alligator River Refuge
1-12-2017 Never Too Young
1-11-2017 Management Actions to Stabilize Migratory Bird Habitat Planned for Pea Island Refuge
1-11-2017 Public Meeting to Discuss Mattamuskeet Watershed
1-10-2017 Bird is the Word on Pocosin Lakes Refuge
1-6-2017 Start your 2017 with a Wildlife Art EXPO!
1-5-2017 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes to Expand Wildlife Conservation in North Carolina
1-5-2017 Slippery Pair
1-3-2017 Torpor-Slowing Down on the Refuge