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2021 Information & News

Alligator River
Cedar Island
Mackay Island
Pea Island
Pocosin Lakes
Roanoke River

11-25-21 When is a White Ibis Not White?
11-23-2021 The Owl That Can Sound Like a Horse
11-18-2021 Great Egret in Flight
11-16-2021 Raccoon Hollow
11-11-2021 Reluctant Traveler
11-9-2021 Berry Confusing
11-4-2021 Can You Find the Bird in the Top Photo?
11-2-2021 Swamp Rose on the Refuge
10-28-2021 Sunrise on the Refuge
10-27-2021 Wilson's Snipes
10-22-2021 Alligator River Refuge Road Closures and Updates
10-21-2021 Roseate Spoonbill
10-19-2021 Northern Parula
10-14-2021 A Big One -American Alligator
10-12-2021 Green Heron
10-7-2021 Bobolink
10-7-2021 Creef Cut Trail Temporarily Closed for Improvements- Alligator River Refuge
10-5-2021 Merlin-Pocosin Lakes Refuge
9-30-2021 Pocosin Lakes Refuge Announces Temporary Closure of Seagoing Road for Repairs
9-28-2021 Hunting Season Means Taking Care
9-23-2021 Northern Bobwhite
9-21-2021 Who Gives a Hoot? Great Horned Owls
9-16-2021 Webs in the Morning Dew
9-14-2021 Joe Pye Weed
9-9-2021 Deuce of Cubs
9-7-2021 Ironweed in Bloom
9-2-2021 Great Horned Owl
8-31-2021 Peek-A-Bear
8-30-2021 $1 Million Grant for Common Carp Removal in Lake Mattamuskeet
8-26-2021 Give This Bird a Big Hand-It's a Clapper Rail
8-24-2021 Bear With Two Trunks
8-20-2021 Explore Mattamuskeet National Wildlife Refuge
8-18-2021 U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Makes Available for Public Review the Compatibility Determination for CenturyLink Right-of-Way for Telecommunication Infrastructure on Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge, Dare County, North Carolina
8-17-2021 Pocosin Lakes Refuge Swamp Milkweed
8-12-2021 American Oystercatcher
8-10.2021 Not Every Bay is a Body of Water
8-5-2021 Wood Stork
8-3-2021 Sunrise Surveillance
7-29-2021 Wild Blueberries
7-28-2021 Butterflies on Buttonbush
7-22-2021 One of the Largest Hawks
7-21-2021 Three Bears in a Field
7-15-2021 Fishing on the Refuge
7-13-2021 Fox Squirrel
7-9-2021 Willet...of Course
7-7-2021 Bear on a Branch
7-1-2021 Gator Gazing on the Refuge
6-29-2021 Variegated Fritillary - Butterfly
6-24-2021 Celebrating National Pollinator Week
6-22-2021 National Pollinator Week - Pocosin Lakes Refuge
6-18-2021 U.S.Fish & Wildlife Service Makes Available the Pocosin Lakes Refuge Draft Compatibility Determination For a Right-of-Way Permit for the NCDOT Bridge 17 (Ryders Creek Bridge) Replacement For Public Review
6-17-2021 Great Crested Flycatcher
6-14-2021 White Ibis
6-10-2021 Summer Refuge Programs Begin
6-8-2021 Summer Tanager
6-7-2021 Pea Island Refuge Crabbing/Fishing Rodeo Announced-Saturday June 12, 9 am-Noon
6-4-2021 It's a New Day at Cedar Island Refuge!
6-3-2021 Local National Wildlife Refuges Announce Beginning of Summer Guided Interpretive & Educational Programs
6-1-2021 Blue Grosbeak
6-1-2021 U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Makes Available for Public Review the Environmental Assessment and Draft Compatibility Determination for Cooperative Farming on Alligator River and Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuges
5-27-2021 American Mink
5-25-2021 Yellow Pitcher Plant
5-20-2021 Endangered Species Day - May 21
5-18-2021 Beautiful Iris
5-13-2021 Regional Wildlife Refuges Warm Up
5-11-2021 Zebra Swallowtail
5-6-2021 World Migratory Bird Day, May 8
5-4-2021 Glossy Ibis
4-29-2021 Congregation of Young Gators
4-27-2021 Pungo Panels
4-22-2021 Prothonotary Warblers - Helping Provide the Soundtrack to Spring
4-22-2021 Yellow Flash of Spring
4-20-2021 Out on a Limb
4-15-2021 A Real Cool Cat
Mackay Island National Wildlife Refuge Proposes Changes to Hunting Program
4-13-2021 American Bittern
4-8-2021 Tricolored Heron
4-7-2021 Refuge Policy on Drones
4-6-2021 Elderberry
4-2-2021 Alligator River Refuge Temporary Road Closure
4-1-2021 American Black Bear
3-30-2021 Osprey Suspended in Mid-Air?
3-29-2021 Call for Public Review and Comments on Mattamuskeet Refuge Draft Enviromental Assessment & Compatibility Determination
3-25.2021 Double-crested Cormorant
3-23-2021 Cedar Waxwing
3-19-2021 Call For Public Comment Regarding Compatibility Determination on a U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Conservation Easement
3-18-2021 They Don't Stay This Cute
3-16-2021 Red Maple
3-11-2021 Northern Shoveler
3-9-2021 No Fishing License Required
3-4-2021 Take Out Shrimp Dinner
3-2-2021 Red-Bellied Woodpecker
2-25-2021 Clapper Rail
2-23-2021 They Had Masks Long Before We Began Wearing Them
2-19-2021 When it Rains it Pours
2-18-2021 Bobcat
2-16-2021 American Kestrel
2-11-2021 They Capture Our Attention
2-10-2021 Call for Public Comments Regarding Environmental Assessment on Pea Island Refuge
2-9-2021 Refuge Stroll
2-4-2021 Having Fun on Porpoise
2-2-2021 Celebrating World Wetlands Day at Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge
1-29-2021 Information Bulletin- Alligator River Refuge Laurel Bay Unit to Open for Month of February
1-28-2021 Hawking the Refuge
1-26-2021 Odd Couple
1-21-2021 Dunlin
1-29-2021 Eastern Screech-Owl
1-14-2021 Magnificent Frigatebird
1-12-2021 Pocosin Lakes Refuge Announces Area Closures
1-7-2021 Pea Island Refuge River Otters
1-5-2021 Migratory Bird Season
12/31/2020 Passel of Pintails