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2020 Information & News

Alligator River
Cedar Island
Mackay Island
Pea Island
Pocosin Lakes
Roanoke River

10-29-2020 Mantis Mania
10-27-2020 Pine Siskin
10-22-2020 Gator Gathering
10-20-2020 Wash Your Paws
10-15-2020 Munching Muscadine
10-13-2020 Dunkin' Deer
10-8-2020 Rare Bird on the Banks
10-6-2020 American Woodcock
10-1-2020 Rose-breasted Grosbeak
9-29-2020 Great Egret
9-24-2020 Sora and National Public Lands Day
9-22-2020 First Day of Fall
9-17-2020 Out of the Blue
9-15-2020 Mistflower
9-14-2020 Milltail Road Reopens on Alligator River Refuge
9-10-2020 Snowberry Clearwing Moth
9-8-2020 Belted Kingfisher
9-3-2020 Verdant
9-1-2020 Bald Eagle
8-27-2020 Swamp Milkweed
8-25-2020 Corny
8-20-2020 Tripod
8-18-2020 New York Ironweed
8-13-2020 Head to Head
8-11-2020 Turkey Tail?
8-6-2020 Barred Owl
8-4-2020 American River Otter
7-30-2020 Seaside Sparrow
7-28-2020 When You're Small, You've Got to Stand Tall
7-23-2020 Coastal Sweet Pepperbush
7-21-2020 Bobcat Breakfast
7-17-2020 NC Wildlife Federation Introduces Prey for the Pack Habitat Improvement Program for Private Landowners
7-16-2020 Prairie Warbler
7-14-2020 Buttonbush, Bumblebee & Butterflies
7-9-2020 Pileated Woodpecker
7-8-2020 Don't miss it! Learn more about the Draft Water Management Plan and Environmental Assessment for Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge
7-7-2020 Pickerelweed
7-2-2020 Bear-Ku
7-2-2020 Information Bulletin: Fish and Wildlife Service Makes Available Cape Hatteras Electric Cooperative Project Draft Compatibility Determination for Amending Utility Right-of-Way for Public Review
6-30-2020 Final Pocosin Lakes Refuge Water Resource and Inventory and Assessment (WRIA) Is Now Available
6-25-2020 Gator Log
6-23-2020 Eastern Screech Owl
6-18-2020 Lizard's Tail
6-16-2020 Hug a Tree
6-16-2020 Service Invites Public Input on Draft Water Management Plan for Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge
6-11-2020 Sky Diver
6-11-2020 Information Bulletin: Alligator River Refuge Road Construction Project Begins June 15 - Milltail Road
6-9-2020 Palamedes Swallowtail
6-4-2020 White-eyed Vireo
6-2-2020 Virginia SweetSpire
5-28-2020 Red-tailed Hawk
5/26-2020 Who is that Masked Creature?
5-21-2020 Turkey Vulture Traffic Control
5-19-2020 Swamp Leatherflower
5-14-2020 Red-headed Woodpecker
5-12-2020 Carnivorous Plant
5-7-2020 Don't Be Blue - Leave It to the Birds
5-5-2020 Who Stole the Mink?
4-30-2020 Pink Lady's Slipper
4-28-2020 Big Black Bear
4-23-2020 Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
4-21-2020 Give a Hoot About Earth Day
4-16-2020 Flash of Color
4-14-2020 Virginia Iris
4-10-2020 Kendall Smith Announced As Refuge Manager for Mattamuskeet, Swanquarter, and Cedar Island National Wildlife Refuges in Eastern North Carolina
4-9-2020 Nelson's Sparrow
3-30-2020 Mattamuskeet Refuge - Rose Bay Canal Boat Launch Opens
3-20-2020 National Wildlife Refuges Visitor Centers Restricting Operations in Eastern North Carolina
3-19-2020 Northern Shoveler
3-17-2020 After a Swim It's Time to Explore
3-13-2020 NC Purple Martin Society Helps Wildlife Refuge
3-12-2020 Refuge Marsh Prescribed Burn
3-10-2020 Catching Light
3-6-2020 Keeping Lake Mattamuskeet Fresh
3-5-2020 Merit Award Presented to Local Volunteer Coordinator, Tracey Rock
3-3-2020 Snow Geese on the Fly
2-27-2020 Burl Treehouse
2-25-2020 Beavers
2-25-2020 Rose Bay Canal Boat Launch Remains Temporarily Closed on Lake Mattamuskeet
2-20-2020 They'll Take the Plunge
2-18-2020 Red Maple
2-14-2020 Bald Cypress Trees Abound in Lake Mattamuskeet
2-13-2020 American Kestrel
2-11-2020 Snow Goose
2-6-2020 Catch a Wave and You're Sitting on Top of the World
2-4-2020 Hooded Merganser
1-31-2020 Ruby-throated Hummingbird
1-28-2020 Warm Weather Brings Early Emerging Leaves
1-24-2020 Partners Assist Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge on Habitat Restoration for Migratory Birds Near Oregon Inlet Terminal Groin
1-23-2020 What's All the Concern About Aquatic Grasses in Lake Mattamuskeet?
1-21-2020 The Big One That Didn't Get Away
1-16-2020 Compare the Green-winged Teals
1-15-2020 Home Is Where The Heart Is
1-9-2020 Purple Sandpiper
1-7-2020 Great Horned Owl
1-2-2020 Stalking the Corn