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North Carolina Ecological Services

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Activity Highlights


Congressional Fact Sheet

Contaminants - Ecological Toxicolgy

Endangered Species - (County Maps, Descriptions)

Habitat Conservation and Regulatory Responsibilities

Partners for Fish and Wildlife

Outreach & Education

Staff & Services (Office Addresses and Phone #'s)


USFWS Publications Concerning North Carolina

Analysis of changes in the beach sediment and beach-face organisms associated with sand bypassing from the Oregon Inlet to Pea Island, N.C.

Independent evaluation of longshore transport of sand from the planned nourishment project Dare County, N.C.



Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act Reports

Native Sediment Characteristics of NC Beaches Study

Estuarine Coastal Erosion Study

Proceedings of the Coastal Ecosystems and Federal Activities Technical Training Symposium - August 20-22, 2001 Gulf Shores, Alabama

Other Sites of Interest - link to state endangered species, (list or link)

USFWS Southeast Region Publications page

USFWS National Publications page

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