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Bunched Arrowhead in NCBunched Arrowhead in North Carolina

Bunched Arrowhead
Saggitaria fasciculata

Status:  Endangered

Family:  Water plantain

Flowering/Fruiting Dates:  May-July

Habitat:  Seepage areas with very low water flow and no stagnation; soils are sandy loams overlain by muck l0-24 inches deep;  some shade is beneficial.

Distinguishing Characteristics: Emergent aquatic plant (6-13 inches tall) with spatulate leaves (up to 12 inches long and 3/4 inch wide), and white, 3-petalled flowers in an erect spike.

Threats: Wetland destruction, herbicide use in right-of way maintenance.
Species Distribution from known occurrences. Species may occur in similar habitats in other counties.Green counties indicate observed within 20 years. Yellow counties indicate an obscure data reference to the species in the county. Red counties indicate observed more than 20 years ago.

Species distribution of the Bunched Arrowhead in NC

Species Location Map based on information provided by the North Carolina Natural Heritage Program.
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