Man and wife smiling for a photo with a beautiful mountain vista in the background.

Sagebrush portraits

By Sarah Levy in collaboration with SageWest | April 2017


Jay Tanner’s ranch in Box Elder County is a working landscape in the sagebrush ecosystem. Jay grazes his cattle over more than 52 square miles in the northwestern corner of Utah. He owns one of the largest ranches in Box Elder County, and these fields and mountain views have been a part of Jay's family for generations. The Tanners care deeply for the land, the plants and animals that live there, and their way of life.

The greater sage-grouse once occupied more than 290 million acres of sagebrush in the West. Because of wildfire, invasive plants, fragmentation, and overgrazing, the sage-grouse has lost more than half its range. Private landowners, states, organizations, and federal agencies have been working together to reduce threats to the sage-grouse and other species that depend on the sagebrush ecosystem.

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The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service supported this Nature's Good Neighbor through our Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program, a voluntary initiative that works with private landowners to improve fish and wildlife habitat on their land. A phone call or email is all it takes to learn more with one of our 250 private lands biologists. If you are interested in improving habitat for fish and wildlife on your land, find your local Partners for Fish and Wildlife biologist.