Traditional Ecological Knowledge - Links of Interest

Florida scrub jay. Credit: Robert Owens/USFWSThe term Traditional Ecological Knowledge, or TEK, is used to describe the knowledge held by indigenous cultures about their immediate environment and the cultural practices that build on that knowledge. Traditional ecological knowledge includes an intimate and detailed knowledge of plants, animals, and natural phenomena, the development and use of appropriate technologies for hunting, fishing, trapping, agriculture, and forestry, and a holistic knowledge, or "world view" which parallels the scientific discipline of ecology (Berkes 1993).

AAAS Project on Traditional Ecological Knowledge

Alaska Native Knowledge Network (TEK)

Boem Ocean Science -Special Issue on Traditional Knowledge

Considering Aboriginal traditional knowledge in environmental assessments conducted under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act

National Congress of American Indians: Policy Research Center and Tribal Research Regulation Toolkit

Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Climate Change Video (1:00:57)

Tribes & Climate Change

Weber State University Video - Searching for the Cure for ALS (1:08:48)








Last updated: August 13, 2019