Mountain-Prairie Region

Grahams Beardtongue
Photo used with permission of Kevin McGown

The Graham's beardtongue is proposed for listing under the Endangered Species Act .

Species Description:  The Graham’s beardtongue (Penstemon grahamii) is an herbaceous perennial plant within the sub-genus Cristai. Each plant has one to three stems arising from a taproot. These stems are 7-18 centimeters tall. The plant has a cluster of flowers usually of 3 to 20 flowers, although occasionally just one or two flowers are present. The color of the petals varies from light to dark lavender, or pinkish, with dark violet lines in the throat of the corolla tube.

Location: The plant exists in a series of small populations in a narrow band from Raven Ridge, west of the town of Rangely in Rio Blanco County, CO, westward to the vicinity of Sand Wash near the point where Carbon, Duchesne and Uintah Counties meet in the Uinta Basin of UT (a band ~ 80 mi. long by 5 mi. wide).

Threats:  Threats to the plant may include loss of habitat due to oil and gas exploration, drilling and field development; and tar sand and oil shale mining. Off-road vehicle use, overuse by domestic and wild grazers, and overuse for horticultural use may also affect some plant populations. These threats, in combination with small population sizes and limited distribution of the plant, result in its vulnerability to natural and human-caused events.

Recent Actions:  

More information can be found on the Service's ECOS webpage

Last updated: June 30, 2011