Gray Wolves in the Northern Rocky Mountains
Mountain-Prairie Region

Wyoming Gray Wolf Recovery Status Report

From:               USFWS Wyoming Wolf Recovery Project Leader, Jackson, WY

Subject:            Status of Gray Wolf Management in Wyoming and the NRM

WYOMING WOLF WEEKLY- Sept 21 through Sept 25, 2009

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Annual Reports
The Rocky Mountain Wolf Recovery 2008 Annual Report is available at: .
Delisting Litigation Status
A hearing of the preliminary injunction request was held in Federal Court in Missoula, MT on August 31. Oral arguments were heard from the plaintiffs, U.S. Department of Interior, Montana, and Idaho. On September 8, the Federal Court denied the preliminary injunction motion filed by Defenders of Wildlife and others to stop the 2009 regulated gray wolf hunts in Idaho and Montana.  However, in issuing his order, the judge indicated that his preliminary review of the overall delisting case raised questions about Service’s approach of conferring ESA protections to a “significant portion of the range” of a species, as opposed to designating the entire species as a threatened or endangered species. The Service will carefully evaluate the court’s order and confer with the Department of the Interior and the Department of Justice to determine any appropriate next steps.

Idaho: Wolf hunting season is open in parts of Idaho with a statewide quota of 220 wolves. The IDFG website that summarizes wolf hunting in Idaho can be viewed at  

Montana: Wolf hunting season opened in parts of Montana on September 15 with a total quota of 75 wolves. FWP’s website that tracks wolf hunting in Montana can be viewed at    

On 9/22/09, WY Wildlife Services confirmed a calf was killed by wolves on private property west of Cody, WY. Control was completed on 9/23/09 when Wildlife Services removed 3 wolves from the Carter Mountain Pack.

Based on preliminary reports through September 2009, a total of 17 cattle and 177 sheep were recorded as confirmed wolf kills, and 28 wolves were killed in subsequent control actions in Wyoming. These depredations occurred in the following areas:

Location # of Sheep Lost # of Wolves Killed in Control Actions 
Rock Creek (N. of Pinedale)
Big Horn Mountains  
Dog Creek (Snake River) 
Big Piney

Location # of Cattle Lost # of Wolves Killed in Control Actions 
Rock Creek (N. of Pinedale)
1 yrlg steer
Upper Green River
5 cattle
 Prospect Mtns./Sweetwater
1 calf
1 calf
West of Cody
5 cattle
Deer Creek (Casper)
1 calf
3 cattle
17 cattle

Producers who lost livestock to wolves in Rock Creek, Upper Green River, West of Cody, and Dubois may apply for compensation from the WGFD. Producers who lost livestock to wolves in the Big Horn Mountains, Dog Creek, Big Piney, Deer Creek, Prospect Mountains/Sweetwater, and Daniel may submit compensation claims to the Defenders of Wildlife.

Law Enforcement and Related Activities   
Nothing to report at this time.

Outreach and Education
Bangs gave a presentation on 'Management of wolf/livestock conflict in the northwestern United States' at the annual meeting of The Wildlife Society in Monterey, CA on September 21st.  The talk was part of a panel on 'Predator management for threatened and endangered species' hosted by USDA Wildlife Services.  About 200 people attended.     

Further Information
To request an investigation of livestock injured or killed by wolves, please contact the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Wildlife Services at (307)261-5336.

For additional information, please contact:
Ed Bangs (406)449-5225 x204 or Ed_Bangs@FWS.GOV
Mike Jimenez (307)733-7096 or (307)330-5631 or  Mike_Jimenez@FWS.GOV    

Last updated: November 8, 2012