Gray Wolves in the Northern Rocky Mountains
Mountain-Prairie Region

Gray Wolf Recovery Status Report

From:               Gray Wolf Recovery Coordinator, Helena, MT 11/2/2007

Subject:            Status of Gray Wolf Recovery, Week of 2/25/08 to 2/28/08

NEW WEB ADDRESS- The 20087 annual interagency wolf report [covering all 2006] can be viewed at .  It has maps of wolf pack locations and home ranges, tables of wolf numbers and depredations, discussions of litigation and funding issues, summaries of scientific studies, an extensive bibliography, and additional informational.


On the 2/26/08, in cooperation with IDFG (Jason Husseman), ID WS used a helicopter to dart and immobilize two wolves from the Pass Creek pack.  The wolves were then fitted with radio collars and released to facilitate future monitoring efforts for this pack. Breeding female B317 was re-collared after her chewed off collar was retrieved the week prior, and the probable breeding male was fitted with his first radio collar.

Holyan and Mack completed (or nearly completed) flights in the NPT's McCall and Clearwater region areas, respectively, on 2/26 and 2/27.  Holyan, with the assistance of Russ Morgan's (ODFW) prior flight, located B290- missing for over 1 year from the Morgan Ck. pack; it was located ~ 17 mi. southwest of New Meadows, ID and within ~ 10 mi. of the ID/OR border.  A visual of a single black wolf was made.  Holyan detected a mortality signal on B309 (Carey Dome female); FWS Law Enforcement and NPT personnel will attempt to investigate early next week.  The Stolle Meadows pack is still out of it's normal home range.  Visuals were obtained on most packs during this round of flights.


On 2/26/08, ID WS lethally removed 1 gray wolf from the Buffalo Ridge pack in response to repeated confirmed depredations on cattle on private land in the vicinity of Clayton, Idaho.  On the 28th, 4 more wolves (3 black, 1 gray) were removed from the Buffalo Ridge pack, and this control action has concluded for now.

Michael Lucid investigated the Centerville northeast of Boise area where a pet dog recently was killed by wolves.  He spoke with the individual who lost the dog and checked for attractants in the area.  The Apple Jack pack territory surrounds Centerville. 

After repeated  depredations of cattle on private property west of Cody, WY, the USFWS requested WY WS to remove 4 wolves from the Delta Pack. Control was completed after 1 female and 3 male wolves were removed on 2/29/08.


The Yellowstone Wolf Project will begin their annual Late Winter Study starting March 1st and ending March 30th. This is an intensive 30-day study where field crews will be out on the northern range monitoring several wolf packs every day from dawn until dusk. In addition, all YNP wolf packs will be monitored from the air during aerial telemetry flights throughout the 30-day study period. The purpose of winter study is to document long-term wolf predation
patterns, territorial movements, behavior, interactions with other species, and characteristics of their prey. Nine volunteer field technicians will be involved in this winter study.

Information and Education and Law Enforcement

Steve Nadeau was interviewed on NPR national “to the point” on the 26th regarding delisting and state management of wolves.  That interview can be found at:

Idaho Fish and Game will be reviewing the final version of their Wolf Population Management Plan for IDFG Commission approval on March 6 in Boise.

Boccadori (MFWP) gave a wolf talk to four members of the big game committee of the Headwaters group in Butte on Wednesday, February 20th.  On Thursday the 21st she gave the same talk to 25 members of the Backcountry Horsemen Association, also in Butte.

On 2/29/08, Sime (MFWP) gave a presentation on wolf-livestock conflicts to the Montana Chapter of The Wildlife Society meeting in Missoula, MT. Approx. 80 people were in attendance.

The final NRM gray wolf delisting rule was published in the Federal Register on February 27, 2008 and will take effect in 30 days on March 28, 2008. The governor of WY provided the certification that allows WY law to become effective and their plan can be implemented.
The rule can be found at:

The Service's weekly wolf report can be viewed at .  This report is government public property and can be used for any purpose.  Please distribute as you see fit.

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